I recently went back into the archives and found a bunch of photos from 2013 that hadn't been processed yet. I'm using them as the basis for a "photo of the week" challenge to myself. Each week, I'll post in the "Favorites" section a new photo. Some (hopefully most) will be shot during the week in question, or there abouts. Some will be from the archives. I've backdated one per week for 2014, and there's a new one today!

I love taking portraits of animals. So when a friend asked for pictures of her and others' horses, I was eager to shoot!

A friend asked me to take a few photos of her horse this summer, and let me wander the Wolf Ridge Farms stable and training site as a bonus. A beautiful day to see the operation. More in the Wolf Ridge Farm project.

I'm starting a new photo project, collected on the Projects page, called Work Poems  So far, it's seeded with a few from the archive, but I'll be developing out the theme in the coming months. Enjoy!

While updating the site, I've posted quite a bit of new content. Instead of highlighting individual photos or essay groups from the archive, check out the Photos link. Going forward I'll put up a few at a time.

The highway30. org blog has undergone a major renovation. Lots of new pictures. Some of the previous entries will be rebuilt over the next couple days for archival purposes, and then lots of new pictures moving forward... including a renewed focus on shooting with Leica rangefinders.

Some photos of the Mumford & Sons Gentlemen of the Road music festival in Dixon, IL, August 18, 2012. No pictures of Mumford & Sons (too late and dark) but lots of local color.

And here’s an AWESOME YouTube video of the closing song A Little Help From My Friends.

Hiking near Split Rock Lighthouse on the North Shore of Lake Superior in the Fall of 2011.

The weather at the Iowa State Fair was better this year than any I’ve been too previously. I took about 250 shots with the M9. I’m getting the feel…I miss more shots due to exposure than manual focusing, but that’s remedied by paying closer attention!

The Great Bike Ride Across Iowa…10,000 bicyclists, 450 miles, six overnight stops, lots of local flavor at each stop along the way. Coralville was the last night and they pulled out all the stops, including .38 Special!

My second real outing with the M9, and considering it was 95 degrees it was great to work with a light camera and one lens. Manual focusing is coming easily, but I still have a bit of work to do on the successful framing of images.

These are the first few shots I've processed. I'll post a second set after I sort through again.

So the M9 is here and in action. Summicron 50mm f/2 for everything. I’m stunned by the rendering and color…these photographs have soul!

I’m [very] colorblind, and tend to think photographically in black and white. Usually, I only leave images in color at the request of others, but the color rendition is stunning even to me. I’m used to heavy post processing and these images leave me wondering what to tweak (and in the end, just leaving them alone).

Nothing fancy, just a day at the antique shops and brewery of the Amana Colonies to put the camera through it’s paces. I’m learning the rangefinder as well as trying to remember to manually make my settings, so not everything is right yet, but this is already thrilling!