Work Poems

vegas-0002.jpg April 14, 2012
hmbsms-0005.jpg May 29, 2012
gotr-0002.jpg August 18, 2012
wolf-ridge-farm-0019.jpg May 12, 2013
vegas-0004.jpg April 16, 2012
vegas-0001.jpg April 14, 2012
statefair-007.jpg August 20, 2011
statefair-001.jpg August 20, 2011
amanas-0005.jpg July 24, 2011

Other Projects

Road | Signs
Wolf Ridge Farm
Still Life
Work Poems


I'm a photographer and poet working in Iowa. This site contains my photography, some written thoughts and work, and a little bit about me. Send an email or see more work at my other photo site or 500px.

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