Photo of the Week

I recently went back into the archives and found a bunch of photos from 2013 that hadn't been processed yet. I'm using them as the basis for a "photo of the wee… more

Horse Portraits

I love taking portraits of animals. So when a friend asked for pictures of her and others' horses, I was eager to shoot! more

Wolf Ridge Farms

A friend asked me to take a few photos of her horse this summer, and let me wander the Wolf Ridge Farms stable and training site as a bonus. A beautiful day to… more

New Photo Project

I'm starting a new photo project, collected on the Projects page, called Work Poems  So far, it's seeded with a few from the archive, but I'll be developing out… more

A Lot of New Content

While updating the site, I've posted quite a bit of new content. Instead of highlighting individual photos or essay groups from the archive, check out the Photo… more